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Max II
A Monster Pump Kit: Super fast tank filling Monster pressure and sound... up to 175...
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1180 Kit
Consists of: CX1601 Brass Air Horn Assembly with premium chrome finish 13.5" and 15.5" Viair 2000...
The MAX III Kit begins to approach the extreme level. This kit uses the same high quality tra...
1510 Kit – Emergency Fire Truck Air Horn Kit
Emergency fire truck Air Horn Kit consists of: CX1510 Brass Air Horn assembly with premium c...

Metal vs Plastic Train Horns
Do not even CONSIDER using anything less than ABS plastic.  It won’t last.  ABS can at least stand up to heat and abuse. ABS is cheaper than metal, particularly because metal prices are on the rise.  Typically, however, if you … Continue reading

Common Questions
Do all train horns/air horns need a compressor/tank system? The only horns that do not need a compressor/tank system are direct drive models.  Direct drive models come with a pump that shoots the air directly into the horn, vs pressurizing … Continue reading

Compressor Mounting & Advice
SOME TIPS FOR TRAIN HORN/AIR HORN COMPRESSOR MOUNTING AND USE Never mount an unsealed compressor outside of the vehicle.  If water, dirt or debris is allowed to enter the intake, it will damage your compressor.  Ensure you have a sealed … Continue reading