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Dixie Musical Air Horn System | Train Horn Kits

Dixie Musical Air Horn System | Train Horn Kits
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Now you can have the sound of the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard at your fingertips with our Dixie Musical Air Horn System!  The 5 trumpets compose the 11 notes of Dixie Land by use of the supplied air compressor. The horns are individually mounted and can be installed anywhere on the vehicle. The horn system includes 5 ABS trumpets, a heavy duty compressor, 72" of air line and mounting hardware.


  • Loud, 118 decibel musical air horns demand immediate attention!
  • Heavy duty maintenance free air compressor
  • Easy to install! Hooks up to any 12 volt power source
  • Durable ABS plastic trumpets are heat resistant and can mount virtually anywhere


  • 5 Dixie Horns (Sizes 1-5)
  • Air Line & Air Compressor

Hear The Horn


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Horns:  Red Finish Dixie Trumpets

Length:  6.69 in (170mm), 8.07 in (205mm), 8.46 in (215mm), 10.63 in (270mm), 11.41 in (290mm)

Flare:  0.31 in (8mm)

Air Compressor:  5 Port Dixie Tune Unit

Voltage:  12 Volt

Length:  7 in (177.8 mm)

Width:  3 in (76.2 mm)

Height:  4 in (101.6 mm)

Weight:  4 lbs (1.81 Kg)

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