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“The Blaster” Chrome Dual Air Horn

“The Blaster” Chrome Dual Air Horn
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Compact size, yet a sound that will wake the dead!  A very high frequency blast that can only be described as “banshee- like.” Being lightweight and small in size, they are the perfect match to any of our larger train horn kits.


  • Compact Size Makes It Fit Just About Anything
  • Large Throat & Extra Long Bells For Deep Notes
  • Beautiful Chrome Finish


  • PsychoBlasters Air Horn
  • 12 Volt Electric Valve
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Instructions

Hear The Horn

Hear The Horn

 Hear The Horn


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Fitting:  1/2 in Tube

Length:  15.750 in (400.0 mm)

Width:  7.375 in (85.7 mm)

Height:  3.875 in (98.4 mm)

Weight:  4.195 lbs (1.90 Kg)

Trumpet Dimensions

Flare:  3.686 in (93.6 mm) and 3.750 in (95.3 mm)

Length:  .125 in (384.2 mm)and11.938 in (303.2 mm)

Valve Dimensions

Diameter:  1.688 in (42.9 mm)

Length:  2.063 in (52.4 mm)